20160814_171954 Hi everyone, I am Suprima Shrestha.

 I follow beauty blogs and watch beauty & skincare tutorials to upgrade my makeup and maintain my skincare. I am a medium shade yellow-toned girl with a combination type of skin. I have oily t-zone with large pores which usually breaks out. I know the real struggle of maintaining the skin and desire to keep my makeup look flawless and last longer. That is why I am always on the hunt for something better for flawless skin.

FaceupMakeup is something I created to talk to all of you beauties about makeup and beauty related topics. Here, I will review products that I’ve personally used and will provide you my honest opinions. I will welcome any recommendations from you guys that you want me to review and will gladly accept any tips to beauty. 

I believe in making my vision of Faceupandmakeup successful, I wish everyone to open up, share your wisdom, add up suggestions and talk all makeup. 


Suprima Shrestha