100% Organic Rose Water Toner

Hey guys, finally so good to be back and writing. I missed writing so much. I hope you guys are doing absolutely great.

Within this past few months, I had a very hurtful incident with my skin. To start, I have a very dehydrated oily skin as we categorize as a COMBINATION SKIN. I was using Lush cosmetics products such as creams, exfoliators, and masks (which are great for your information) but unknowingly, I exfoliated too much that my skin couldn’t handle it. My skin started getting irritated more and more which made me breakout so bad. I had breakouts on my jawline, chin, and nose area which is also due to some hormonal and digestive imbalance. But all of my main attention was immediately into my inflamed irritated skin. It got so itchy, red & dry. I stopped all of the exfoliation and focused on resolving my inflammation.

I always knew Rose water is great to sooth your skin. Rose water has 100’s of benefits from being antioxidants to anti-aging. It has an anti-inflammatory property which also hydrates and balances skin’s pH level. You can google “Rose Water” and there will be numbers of benefits listed on the internet. The best thing about the rose water is that it serves the best for all skin types. But I was in search of something purely organic without any harsh chemicals because I was scared of ruining my skin further. I began to dig in search of a pure & organic product and then I came across this 100% Pure and Organic Moroccan Rose Water Toner by Leven Rose. I found this product on Amazon. Since then this product has been a life savior to my skin.



Leven Rose 100% Organic Natural Moroccan Rose Water Toner is purely made up of rosewater. This contains no preservatives and no chemical. The bottle also comes with a spray tube which makes it easier if you want it to spray. It has 2 years of the expiry date. The bottle comes with 4 fl oz./ 118ml of product. It suggests you put the bottle into a refrigerator to increase the shelf life which is actually the best way to use it. I personally keep it in my bathroom drawer away from the direct sunlight and it works well too. Delivery from amazon was quick, I got it in free two-day shipping. The first time I sprayed it over my face, it was so relaxing that I soaked myself with the toner. My skin was in a pretty bad shape in the beginning, so I had to use the toner 3/4 times a day. Later, as it calmed my skin I now use it just once or twice a day. I also use it so hydrate my skin after applying makeup. My skin is a lot less dry and flaky. Now, the rose water toner is my everyday skin care routine and I am sure that this product is one of the best in the market.

Money Talks…

So, how much does it cost? Not only it is beneficial in use but also very affordable. I got mine for CAD $19.37 from amazon. You can also buy it from Leven Rose website for $13.97.

Is it worth buying?

I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to care their skin in pure natural ways. Most of all, it is very affordable. Leven Rose is a great brand to follow. They have many other natural products. They put their best expertise in finding different kinds of natural oils such as jojoba oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, beard oil e.t.c. which are always a plus point for your skin and hair care. They are cruelty-free and most importantly pure & organic. You can check their website here.


My Second Bottle 🙂 🙂 


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Stha Suprima


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