All About The Balm

I am a complete highlighter and blush obsessed. Even though I have an oily skin, I love using highlighters. That spot on glow makes me feel like am a goddess. LOL. I am super crazy for blushes. I just cannot resist myself from buying them.

Mary-Lou Manizer is one of the most iconic highlighters in the market. I had been stalking The Balm website to purchase it.

Luckily, one day I stopped to Rexall (one of a drugstore in Canada) near me and I was more than happy to see The Balm products on their stall. I never knew they had the Balm cosmetics on Rexall. It was a holiday season and fortunately, The trio of manizer, ‘The Manizer Sisters’ AKA the luminizers palette by The Balm was on discounted price.

I grabbed 3 products of The Balm – The Manizer Sisters (highlighter), Hot Mama (shadow/blush) and Schwing (eyeliner).

Let’s get down to them in detail.

The Manizer Sisters AKA the Luminizers


This trio palette comes with 3 highlighters. They can also be used as shadows or shimmers. The packaging is retro vintage type which is classic.

Mary-lou manizer is a champagne glow. This is one of my favorite among three in this palette. It is just a perfect damn glow for every skin tone. It can give you a subtle glow as well as has a great buildability and give you the eye-catching highlight.

Cindy-lou manizer is a rose shade which I find is not going to bring out it’s most on medium to dark skin tones. I personally love brushing cindy-lou manizer over my blushes to give some extra glow rather than as an individual highlighter.

Last but not the least on this trio set is Betty-Lou manizer. It is a golden bronze shade. It is a great highlighter not just for darker complexion but also for a medium skin tone. It can also be used as a bronzer on light to medium skin. I love this one. It gives such a beautiful glow on my skin and I can’t wait to use it on a beach for the summer.

This trio retails for $28 on The Balm website which is not bad for three highlighters. I got mine at Rexall on a discount price of CAD $25. These are also sold separately for $24 each on their website which definitely comes with more amount of products than each on the trio set. So, you can get the single ones if you are not interested in all three of them.

The quality of each product is great.


Hot Mama


Hot mama is a corally peachy blush with a shimmery hint in it. For me, this is an absolutely fabulous blush. I feel it suits every skin tone. It gives me a sweet golden glow on my cheek. It is very durable, lasts for a whole day. It claims to be used as a shadow too and I have used it & it works great. It retails for $20 on its

It retails for $20 on its website. I bought mine on Rexall and I am pretty sure I paid some extra.

I came across some great website where my fellow Canadians could purchase them for good price. I will link the website down below.




Schwing is a black liquid eyeliner. It dries quick and stays matte. It has a easy applicator and very comfortable. The only thing is that this is not waterproof which has it’s both pros and cons. Any mistakes can easily be corrected by wiping it off with water but I always want my liner to be waterproof. Just my personal preference. So, if you are happy with not having water resistive quality in your eyeliner then definitely go for it.

It retails for $8.50 on The Balm website.



Easy websites to ship to Canada are mentioned down below.

Bath and unwind

Cosmetics Now



I hope you guys enjoyed my post.

I loved The Balm products. Let me know more of their best ones. I will definitely try them on.

Have you tried them on? Let me know how do you like it?




Stha Suprima







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