My Formula for Clear Skin – Formula 10.0.6

I am super happy to share you my experience with this budget-friendly skincare product. Formula 10.0.6 is a skin care brand which has countable products and the best thing about them is it’s cheap and does work.

I have seen only 14 products on their website. I found my share of items at Walmart in Canada. And I guess they only provide 9 of their items here. It may differ according to your location which I’m not really sure.


I picked up 4 products to try on:  Pores be pure skin clarifying mud mask, Deep down detox ultra cleansing mud mask, Get your glow on skin brightening peel mask and Seriously shine free mattifying oil-free moisturizer.

Pores are pure skin clarifying mud mask:


It is one of my favorite. I have oily combination skin & I have been struggling with clogged pores. This mask is just perfect to clear pores. The benefits of strawberry, yarrow, and rosemary do work for better results. I use it twice a week on my face. The best part is that it doesn’t dry my skin and cleans it deeply.

Deep down detox ultra cleansing mud mask:


This is a skin detoxifying mask. The main ingredient is orange, bergamot & sea salt. It keeps my skin clear, fresh and healthy. It deep cleanses the skin but is not harsh at all. I have a sensitive skin and I have no issue with this product. I use it just once a week because I use other exfoliators as well.

Get your glow on skin brightening skin peel mask:


This is my ready to go mask I must say. It is a peeling mask with a mixture of papaya and citrus for glowing brightening skin. I only use it when I’m in a rush and my face is looking dull or when I need a fresh looking glow on my face.

Seriously shine free mattifying oil-free moisturizer:


I have, to be honest here, this product didn’t come up to my expectation or say it actually disappointed me. I so wanted to love this one but unfortunately, it didn’t work on my skin at all. I apply it in the morning before heading to work and within 4-5 hours my skin gets oily even when I go without foundation. It has the perfect combination of bamboo extracts and aloe vera which are a great ingredient for oil control & to retain moisture but somehow something doesn’t match up to my oiliness. Also, I get this weird smell from it which I really can’t stand. I wore it for a month then I discontinued it but again I am thinking of giving it a try with a hope for it to work.


Let’s talk about money

Pores be pure, Deep down detox and Get your glow on 100ml of each tube retails for $6.99 on their official website whereas I bought mine at Walmart for $8.97 CAD. Seriously shine free (75ml) which also retails for $6.99 on the website is little pricier than others here at the store with $9.97 CAD.

Is it worth buying?

This is a great product with a very reasonable amount. I would say It’s worth a shot for its unbeatable price tag. There are many other products by Formula 10.0.6 that you also might enjoy. Grab it and give it a try.


Have you tried any of these products? Are you thinking of trying one? Let me know how it turns out for you.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope it was of help.







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