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This is definitely nothing new to anyone who loves doing makeup or has been following the beauty gurus. Me being a newbie to the eyeshadow charisma, Modern Renaissance is hands down one of the must ‘buy or die’ product to me and this is my whole summary to the post.

To begin with, I personally am not an eyeshadow girl. I don’t wear shadows on regular days neither do I wear it at parties. Yes, I even prefer going eyeshadow less to clubs. I know not cool, right?

Ever since I have seen this palette in Sephora, the beauty this palette contains has been drawing me towards it. I follow youtube beauty gurus, that’s my everyday air to breathe. LOL, and seeing everyone hyping this product didn’t take it much to make me think ‘What’s so wrong owning one high-end eyeshadow palette?’  And I am super duper glad that I have this palette with me.

As named Modern Renaissance, the velvety pinkish packaging gives you that early modern European vibe which is absolutely classy. It also has a mirror and a dual sided shadow brush.


Velvety pink case


It comes with beautiful 14 shades. It has neutral tones and berry tones which actually is the highlight of this palette.

Most of the shades are in matte with only 3 metallic finish.


The quality is just fabulous. You don’t need to dig into the pan to get the shadows on your brush, just one touch is enough and yes I am not bluffing one swipe goes far. Me being new to eyeshadows didn’t have any hard time playing with this colors cause it blends effortlessly. No matter how many colors you put on and on it just builds its way out and spread out the color beautifully. The only drawback I would mention is the fall out of shadows but hey, with this high-quality pigmentation I would gladly welcome the fall outs. All you have to do is be a little cautious and don’t dig too much into the pan and make sure to tap out the excess before dabbing it into your pretty eyes. The basic rules, right?

There are plenty of youtube tutorials on this palette. If you are new to eyeshadows then you are definitely going to love it. I will link down some of my favorite videos using ABH Modern Renaissance at the bottom of my post.

I am going to put the light swatches of just one swipe on my arm down below.


Upper row 1. Tempera 2. Golden Ochre 3. Vermeer 4. Buon Fresco 5. Antique Bronze 6. Love Letter 7. Cyprus Umber
Second row (lol, it’s the same hand just some lightening difference) 1. Raw Sienna 2. Burnt Orange 3. Primavera 4. Red Ochre 5. Venetian Red 6. Warm Taupe 7. Realgar

Let’s talk about money

It retails for $42 USD & $55 CAD at Sephora. You can also check it into the original Anastasia Beverly Hills website. It is quite pricey must say. But remember that you will be getting the best quality and to be honest you don’t really have to use much of the product at once.

Is it worth buying?

Undoubtedly, this will be the best pick even for a starter because it blends just magically, but if you are all about glitters & shimmers then you might not be happy with it. If this trendy berry toned delicious yummy colors lures you to it then definitely go for it. This is a hit. If you haven’t purchased this palette yet then don’t worry, this is a permanent palette so you can get your hands into it any day sooner. You will not regret it.

Link to the tutorials by beauty youtubers :

Warm Mattes | Jazzi Filipek

Cool Tones | Jazzi Filipek

Two looks | Selma Emilia


Thanks for reading my post. I hope it was useful.

Let me know if you try this product. Would love to hear from you.





3 thoughts on “Modern Renaissance by ABH

  1. This palette has been haunting me! I keep seeing it everywhere and I keep debating on whether or not I want to get it. I don’t mind shelling out the money for it I just want to make sure I would use it but these colors look so amazing!

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